The Top 20 Hot Housing Markets (October 2015)

One way to measure "hot" housing markets is to look at activity viewing listings online. There are seasonal variations in market activity, and October tends to experience some "cooling" of the market. But the metrics indicate a relatively stable housing market. According to, housing list prices indicate a stable short-term trend, with prices up 6% compared to last year and a median list price of $232,000, about the same as September.

The top 20 hot housing markets:

Denver, CO
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Dallas, TX
Vallejo, CA
San Diego, CA
Sacramento, CA
Santa Rosa, CA
Yuba City, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Stockton, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Midland, TX
Nashville, TN
Oxnard, CA
Detroit, MI
Boulder, CO
Ann Arbor, MI
Modesto, CA
Fort Wayne, IN

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