How to Compound with Housing Price Trends


Using the Housing Price Trends system of BUY and SELL signals, you can dramatically increase your returns as well as dramatically reduce your investment risk. Whether there is an impending housing price decline nationally or just in your area, you will be protected with the latest actionable information.

Also, you have the opportunity of taking profits from your properties and compounding your returns.

We are going to look at one scenario of buying and selling properties using the Housing Price Trends system of BUY and SELL signals over a 31-year period. Also, we will compound our profits.

Here is an example of starting with $30,000, and investing $17,951 in 2Q1985 (25% down on a $71,805 purchase) and growing that to over $3 million by 4Q2015.

Here is the growth of your profits over time:


This shows you what's possible using a proven system and the power of compounding.

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