Housing Price Trends Posts 3Q 2018 Results

Housing Price Trends has updated the Standard price chart data with 3Q2018 housing price data. For this quarter, there were 5 BUY signals and 4 SELL signals. However, no BUY signals occurred in the top 146 cities in which to invest, and 1 SELL signal occurred in the top 146 cities. This compares to the following for 2Q2018, last quarter: 10 BUY signals and 4 SELL signals (4 BUY, 2 SELL signals in the top 146 cities).

Honolulu, HI, one of the top 146 cities, just got a SELL signal, With the BUY signal occurring in 1Q2015. Your investment would have made an average return of 20.2% (adjusted for inflation) per year over that 3.25-year period.

Housing Price Trends, using our proprietary BUY and SELL signals, helps protect you from downturns in the market, and captures optimal appreciation periods.

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