Housing Price Trends Posts 2Q 2018 Results

Housing Price Trends has updated the Standard price chart data with 2Q2018 housing price data. For this quarter, there were 10 BUY signals and 3 SELL signals. However, only 4 BUY signals occurred in the top 146 cities in which to invest, and 2 SELL signals occurred in the top 146 cities. This compares to the following for 2Q2016, 2 years ago: 7 BUY signals and 3 SELL signals (2 BUY,  1 SELL signals in the top 146 cities).

Walla Walla, WA had a BUY signal. Walla Walla had a good run in the 1990's with a BUY signal in 4Q1992 and a SELL signal in 4Q1995, for an average annual return of 27.6%, adjusted for inflation (and assuming 25% down payment). They had another good period of appreciation: BUY signal in 1Q2004 and a SELL signal in 1Q2008, with an average annual return of 22.5%, adjusted for inflation). Both SELL signals occurred before prices declined.

Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI, one of the top 146 cities, just got a SELL signal. With the BUY signal occurring in 3Q2013, your investment would have made an average return of 33.6% (adjusted for inflation) per year over that almost 5-year period.

Housing Price Trends, using our proprietary BUY and SELL signals, helps protect you from downturns in the market, and captures optimal appreciation periods.


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