Housing Price Trends Posts 1Q2021 Results

Housing Price Trends has updated the price charts with 1Q2021 Housing Price Index data. For this quarter, there were 45 BUY signals and no SELL signals. There were 19 BUY signals in the top 148 cities in which to invest, and 26 BUY signals other than in the top 148 cities. Remember the BUY signals that occur outside of the top 148 cities are not as meaningful, since those cities have prices that generally go up and down on much smaller amounts.

This is an extraordinary number of BUY signals. But we all know the housing market is affected by extraordinary conditions. Some of those influencing conditions are rent moratorium, stimulus money, building material prices and migration patterns. We will have to see if the rent moratorium actually ends at the end of June. It may not take much to pop this bubble: a raise in interest rates could be a start (1% rise in interest rates could drop prices by 10%).



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