The mission behind housing price trends is simple:

Our mission is to empower residential real estate investors with critical information,

the right mindset, and invaluable tools to make better decisions that lead to

maximizing profits, minimizing risks and generating wealth.

The Housing Price Trends Story

We have a long history of investing in both residential and commercial real estate property. When the housing crash of 2008 happened, we realized that we needed a system to avoid losses in downturns and maximize investment gains the rest of the time. Today, our proprietary system assists investors in minimizing speculation by utilizing our actionable Buy & Sell system signals.

In 2008, we watched millions of investors lose properties and many struggled to get back on their feet. Why did so many lose so much? Because investors lacked a system to tell them when to sell. It is clear that real estate markets can be very different in cities across the U.S. You can't base decisions on national trends; you need to know the price trends in your cities of interest. So we developed a system that signals an entry into a specific city (Buy signal) only after a specific price trend has been established. And, a system that signals a Sell after prices have lost momentum, but have not yet declined.

Housing Price Trends uses complex algorithms that give you a high-reward, low-risk solution to real estate investing, with yields that far surpass the long-term buy and hold strategy. Don't get caught in the next down-turn in your market (city)!

At Housing Price Trends, we value honesty, integrity, performance, accuracy, and systems-based knowledge that drives results.


We're committed to helping you maximize the benefits from investing in real estate, and to prove this commitment, we offer a free historical price analysis of the 400+ cities across the U.S. in the official Federal Housing Finance Agency database.

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