Housing Price Trends Posts 3Q2023 Results

Housing Price Trends has updated the price charts with 3Q2023 Housing Price Index data. Of the top 148 cities, there were 20 SELL signals and no BUY signals; not a very big surprise. Of the remaining cities, there were 11 SELL signals and 1 BUY signal.

Let's take one city from the top 148 as an example, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL.

Here is the inflation-adjusted price change chart:

Using the Housing Price Trends system, you would have received a BUY signal in 4Q2020 and if you could have sold immediately when you received the SELL signal, you would have realized a 53.9% annual return. According to government data, during this period of 2.5 years, the dollar lost 16% of it's value. This only reinforces the fact that you need to invest in inflation resistant sectors, like real estate. And in the best cities and only during the best time periods: that is why the Housing Price Trends system was developed.