Housing Price Trends Posts 3Q2021 Results

Housing Price Trends has updated the price charts with 3Q2021 Housing Price Index data. For this quarter, there were an amazing 73 BUY signals and no SELL signals. Of the 73 BUY signals, there were 20 BUY signals  in the top 148 cities in which to invest. Remember the BUY signals that occur outside of the top 148 cities are not as meaningful, since those cities have prices that generally go up and down on much smaller amounts.

This is a major shift in BUY and SELL signals: the BUY signals in the top 148 cities more than doubled and no SELL signals in any of the cities indicate a further distortion of the housing market. In my humble opinion, this cannot continue: if, and when, there is a correction, the results might be painful. There have been unprecedented geographic population shifts which have added to housing price trends.

With some caution, there are some areas that will appreciate and be very profitable in the near future. However, I would expect that the SELL signal to occur sooner rather than later in some of these areas.

I expect some major changes in 2022; stay tuned for the next update.

When researching a particular city be sure to check our annual " HPT Proficient Performance Report: Housing Price Index Percent Change, Year to Year, by State-City-Zip" to investigate price changes by zip code. Here is part of that report for Fresno, CA:







Note how different zip codes have much different price patterns. Zip code 93701 had some very high annual appreciation scores, while appreciation for zip code 93711 was generally low with some negative appreciation years.